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Sound System (System two)

Posted By Supreme Sound Adelaide DJ  

Sound plays a big part when it comes to creating an atmosphere and also getting people on the dance floor. This is why we only use the best speakers, subs and amps!

We run 3 systems and depending on the size of your event, venue acoustics and type of event Justin will select the best sounding system to suit your needs. 

System Two: 2x DB Opera 15" 605d, 2x QSC 18" subs (perfect for up to 600 ppl depending on venue)

This more traditional speaker and sub set up packs plenty of punch and I have used this combination at many functions across Adelaide.

The OPERA 605 D has a lot going for it - a 600-watt digipro® power amp, a muscular 15“ neodymium woofer for punchy low-end response, a premium-grade neodymium driver with a 1.4 titanium voice coil for crystal-clear top end, an integrated DSP, and a switched-mode power supply. It is not only the flagship of the OPERA DIGITAL series, but also the top model in this entire class of enclosures.

The QSC KS118 is a very high output active subwoofer producing impressive low frequencies for mobile entertainment, AV production, clubs and performance venues. Featuring an 18-inch direct radiating driver powered by a 3600 Watt Class D amplifier, the KS118 delivers high sound pressure levels with dynamic and musical sound reproduction of very low frequencies.